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i'm getting old days by days. Things getting interesting out there, so I need to grab a story to write it here. Will you wait for me to tell you a story?


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New Year in April?
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys, what's up?
I thought I'm gonna greet y'all with New Year greetings, vibes and all but.... we are already reaching April this year. Haha!

What's my New Year Resolution?
Back in 1st January, I have several resolutions. Just to make a small change to myself. But, I think again, why do I have the same resolution just as what I've wished in last few years? Meh..

So, I change my 'New Year resolution'.
No more resolution. I will just be myself. 
If I wanted to change, I can change whenever I want.
If I want a room for improvement, anytime is acceptable.

Simple, because I am a procrastinator. LOL.

Set yourself free. Don't make yourself feel 'caged' with your same-useless resolution if you just make it another recycle wishes for next year. If you want to change, start today. If you're not ready, just relax and let the time do its work. Okay?

No, I'm not trying to stop you to feel motivated with your 'New Year resolution', but let's be real. You won't feel enthusiastic or energetic enough to make a change in a day just because you've wished it last night ------- NOPE, IT'S NOT GONNA BE THAT WAY.

You're gonna pay for it, and it doesn't take a day to see the results. 
Be real, as we're living in reality world (not anime huhuhuhuhu).
You can do whatever you want, whenever you want; YOU CHOOSE.

I'm not here to motivate people, but just a plain thought to share with you reader(s). It does not need anything to spice it up, or tune it down. It is just a plain thought, of a hopeless girl.

So, you. Yes, YOU --- Be real. You can keep dreaming, but dreams will stay as dreams, if you keep on dreaming ;)


I'm reaching 22 this year. How fast time flies, yet I'm still procrastinating about how hard student life is; quizzes, assignments, presentations, finals..... Oh my God!

Nevertheless, I still can't believe that I am a student, Uni student. Though I sometimes hate to be in my uni, I can't deny my feelings of how grateful I am to be in this uni. Definitely not because of the university system, but with friends that I've met. They're the reason why I'm happy to be in this uni. It's good to be in class with my friends, either close or new friends.

I'm happy in learning (although I'm not good lol), because I somehow question myself --- "How did I manage to learn this shit?" and yep, it's painfully beautiful journey for me to learn new things everyday.

Killer subjects? Can't run from it since high school.
IDGAD-lecturers? Just to create some bad-girl moments, for my future of course.
From big-to-small-group-of-friends? You'll get used with it. The lesser, the better.
Assessment? Meh... Repeat or not repeat, it'll still be pain in the ass. You can't do nothing. Lol.

And I'm not graduating yet. Chill~ Long way to go...

I'm just tryna be cool with my life (as for now haha), because no matter how good or bad my academic reputation is, I'm just gonna make it and make myself proud. That's it.


How's life, girl?

Well.... Ups and downs. That is all I can conclude my life so far. Nothing interesting. I am still learning, observing, judging (hew hew), and most of the time -- meditating (WTFudge DID YOU JUST SAY?!). 

It is miraculously crazy to say, things I don't believe few years back; are actually real. I mean, I reject all those weird scenarios that I thought it won't happen, because ya'know "be real", so... I never thought that it'll and has happened in this reality world.

Trust me kids, there's a lot of people out there that is not like you and me. They're completely not as what you imagined. You'll meet --- I mean, WE WILL MEET different types of people, and hopefully we will get through with it. Just remember, things we're going to experience are gonna be a lesson for us. So take it, don't throw it and don't feel regret about it. Things happen for reasons; no matter how pain it'd be, or vice versa.

Experience is our teacher. Keep that words in your mind.


God.. I miss writing. I wish I could write to you more after this. But, consistency is really not my thang~ 

I don't have much time just to sit like this, have a good moment (well girl I need to submit one video and a presentation on Thursday lol im ded). When I have free time, I'd usually go to easy fun apps, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, just to kill time. Blogging? It's not like I'm tweeting. This beautiful page, I'm keeping for my free time -- whenever I'm feeling empty, or just talk with you. I want to talk to you as honest as I could, not with guilt :P


I see... Since I am a human, I must share my love story lah? Konon human nature lah tu? Lol.
I'm good. I love everyone. Loving people is also a learning process too, so I am still learning to love them deeply. Haha! 

I've lot of experiences about love. Of course life isn't always as beautiful as rainbows. But I realize, when we're getting older, we tend to appreciate things around us more. Ahhh... I love them all :')

I miss my cats. Abe, Chibu and Betty; I love you guys so much! I am so sorry for being such an annoying sister. Sleep well, okay? :')

So.... Perhaps I'm gonna talk with you tomorrow... next week.. next month... next year.. Who knows~
Take care, okay?

I probably need a tagline for you. Hmmm....

Maybe next time!

All with care.
Friday, December 2, 2016

You can't force people to be like you.

The flowers doesn't bloom itself.
The water doesn't drop itself.
The kid doesn't learn walking himself.
The cat doesn't "meow" all the time.
The books doesn't scratch itself.
The fan doesn't turn on itself.
The rainbow doesn't appear without rain.

It's not a house, without a roof.
It's not a doctor, without his patient.
It's not a love, without passion.

Thing compete each other.
It doesn't need regulation to do,
It needs care.

All with care.

Not by forcing.
Not by comparing.
Not by downgrading.
Not by hating.
Not by judging.

Water the flowers, to make it bloom.
Let the water drops, rain the earth.
Baby is still learning with care of lovebirds.
Petting a cat make two happy.
Book is a book, don't scratch 'em.
It's cold inside, should we lay under a blanket?
There's a life, after a failure.

Don't compare, but treat with care.
Understand people, is the least thing all people can do.
Saying "she cannot be like that all the time" will hurt more,

All with care, she will try.
All with care, she's happy.
All with care, she cares about all.


Words are the most painful thing to be heard.
It may kill people's heart and soul. Mind your words, wisely.
You can't force people to change, you can't make people to be like you.
Two ways to be a good person;
1. Understand
2. Treat with care.
(Don't force)

It's hard for me to get out of my caged-life. Don't force me to be a free bird like you, if I can't get your help to let me free.

It hurts. So bad.
And I can't think of any when I'm hurt.
Nobody will understand.

But I believe, someone will understand.
Because words can change people.
I believe in that.

[this is literally me]

MV "Pejam" by The Prism
Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Walaupun hati kita kadang-kadang rasa kosong, tapi ada je yang appreciate dan sayangkan kita..
... cuma kita je yang kena berusaha untuk mengisi kekosongan tu.."

2 cerita,

1 jiwa.

Watch MV "Pejam" by The PRISM. Please share and like this video, okay? ;)

Assalamualaikum to all my readers, followers, and anon. Hope you're doing well.

As per usual, I'll begin my post with apologies and so on. Lol. But honestly, I'm really busy because I have loads of assignments and projects this semester and I can't think of free time to talk to all of you.

And the above video, is one of my project that I've worked with my friends (thank you, girls and boys) and now I want to share this video to you.

Please, please, please, please watch this video yang tak seberapa because I need your help to get marks for my assignment. Ahaa....

If you click on the given video/link, nanti banyak suggestion from my classmates' videos too because we have the same assignment. Therefore, you can watch their videos too if you want to. All of them are very talented and creative people. Do support them too, okay?

And I miss to blog. I can't promise when to write a post, but for sure I will. It just that I still can't make it as for now. I have another 2 projects to do, and it takes a lot of time (and money).

Eventhough it's hella tired, but I'm happy doing it. Can't wait to feel and experience more exhausted and tiring moments in doing my work soon. Lulz.

Talk to you readers later, okay?
May you have a good day and year. (because who knows I might update my blog next year :p)

In shaa Allah..

Get To Know About Me #1
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hi, assalamualaikum to my readers who are basically..... only me who read my own post *tears*. It's okay, I am cool with it. Luls

Today is 25th Ramadan 1437 (after maghrib) and alhamdulillah, my sahurs are doing great *not overslept yet, though* and my puasa are all good alhamdulillah. How's yours? 

As usual, bila masuk bulan Ramadan yg suci ini memang rasa sekejap je eventhough sebulan kan. Sebulan tu rasa sekejap. Kalau dulu masa kecil, alahai baru 2 hari puasa dah excited nak raya. Lepastu ponteng. Haha!

Semakin meningkat usia, saya boleh katakan most of us value Ramadan more than just celebrate Raya. Bila Ramadan nak habis, rasa berat sedikit. Raya pun raya, tapi rasa sayang sebab Ramadan dah habis and kita semua rasa tak sabar nak puasa di bulan Ramadan pada tahun hadapan. Kan? ;)

Makanya, sama-sama kita menunaikan ibadah wajib dan sunat agar Ramadan kita sentiasa bermakna bagi setiap tahun. In shaa Allah.

What's with the title up there, mate?
Well yea, it's get to know about me. 

I just came out with this lil idea when I watch few videos on YouTube about this tag. The only difference is I do this post by myself, not because people ask me to do so. Haha.

It's not like I am promoting about "you should get to know about me, this is all facts about me so that you won't mess with me in the future!!!!"

Nope, not like that. We are cool.

It just that I let you know how my attitudes and personality in real life or maybe it just happen when I am alone, or when I notice about it, or maybe my friends told me how I behave based on their observation. 

When it comes to fact, people tends to compile more on "What I don't like/hate is.." rather than "what I love is...", therefore I probably will do more than one post about #GTKAM in the future, in shaa Allah. Ye lah, since I don't have anything to be shared in here therefore I create another chain-post.

In this post, I am going to share 50 facts (or more) about me on what I like/love/do, all more like my likes/attitudes and everything, on what I do etc etc.



50 Facts About Me

  1. Born in 13th October 1995 on Friday 1.23PM. I love the timing itself. I don't know why.
  2. An introvert. I don't like to mingle around, which is really bad. Some of my friends misunderstood it by saying I don't like to befriend with them.
  3. I love cats but if it's not mine, I won't be overly attached to them.
  4. Poor communication skills with aunts and uncles, tak pandai buat ayat. Maybe it is because I have 5 sisters to back me up (diorang yang kena nyembang, not me lol)
  5. I treat with love to my social friends and surrounding, including kids. Pretty bad to make kids to like me, but I do love to talk to them when I am comfortable with them. You can say I am afraid to talk with kids, maybe because I believe kids love to attractive things. So.. yea?
  6. A realist, not a dreamy-person. I'm a realist to almost everything, but it does not mean that I am a straightforward person.
  7. Easily get sad if what should be mine or what should I get, does not hit me back :(
  8. Little worry about my friends on almost everything. I don't show my feelings to them. I treat them with love silently. Hahaha.
  9. Not choosy when it comes to food, I eat everything. Eh wait, I don't like gajus, maggie Kari, Asam Pedas and Ayam Black Pepper. However, I eat them when I don't have nothing left.
  10. Afraid of losing the sweetness on a particular moment.
  11. I don't talk and remain silent when I am mad or not in the mood, usually happen during PMS.
  12. Walaupun muka menggambarkan umur, tapi perangai tidak. I am still learning; days by days, time to time.
  13. When I am mad, I am strict.
  14. I can *somehow* detect when people lies. Don't know how.
  15. I can sense my friends' problems with my own speculations. Tapi ada yang kena tekaan, dan ada yang tak kena.
  16. High-egoistic person, but I will lower my ego when I really want/need it.
  17. When it comes to love, kinda bad with it. Never been in a relationship, I guess.
  18. Sometimes, I remember on small little things you said or did in front of me. I observe.
  19. I am not creative, at all.
  20. 3 things that I would always think of when I am alone; family, future and marriage.
  21. Only my family know how egoistic I am, rebel, stubborn and lazy as shit. Yes, I am rebellious
  22. I love to see girls and boys being nice to everyone. Love seeing humble people around me.
  23. I am more likely a.... shy person. 9 out of 10. 10 is when I am at my limit. Nope, I won't tell on what situation it would be. Really shy.
  24. Please don't ask me to cheat on my parents.
  25. When I say I observe people, I really am. And, it will stick in my mind forever. When I say I can sense your attitude either outside or inside, I am definitely can sense and treat you the way you want to be treated. 
  26. I have ugly nails.
  27. Love making videos, but don't really share it on public. 
  28. I love playing instruments (recently) but still tak power. I am still learning in playing guitar and keyboard.
  29. Just recently, love anime. My fav is Naruto. All about Naruto lah. My fav genre is gore.
  30. Love accent so much. I observe and practice accents through videos, movies, anime. Maybe that is why one of my dream job is dubbing. I looooveeeee making various voices, including anime. 
  31. Love to clean things up. Not an organised person, but I love to manage everything so that my day will be good for the next day. As simple as that.
  32. When I am scared or worried, I need someone to accompany me. Sometimes I will do my video editing, assignments and studying in Jayak's room.
  33. I read comics, not novel. Used to love to read novel but only for 2 years (2011-2012) because a person ask me to read Hlovate novel. That's how it starts.
  34. Really hard to move on when it comes to feeling. Its hard to explain.
  35. People might think I am not an initiative person or scared to try on making relationship, but that is just not me. I am scared to move on to the next level. (Related point: no.10)
  36. Kuat cemburu. So I will avoid things that will make me jealous.
  37. I embrace and resemble my mak's appearance and attitudes mostly.
  38. I don't show my inner side to people. I only show it to my family and friends, or you could probably say I only behave the way I am in front of people I comfortable with.
  39. Love a guy with a black-frame spectacles, wearing black watch, and tall. Smile, boy. You could cherish my day.
  40. Love heels but I don't wear it. Selalu cakap dekat mak, nanti cannot run.
  41. Love to try new style in styling shawl. I've trained myself to be looking confidence, rather than looking good and pretty. To me, being confidence is more than looking beautiful.
  42. I don't spend money to value quality, I spend money to value happiness.
  43. Walin taught me to appreciate even small little things. I once had sepit rambut since 2013 and lost it in end of 2015. Plus, I am using my form 5 bag in 2012 to go to class until today.
  44. Penakut. Dan takut lipas to the most.
  45. I don't regret because it will make me sad. That is because I did one thing that make me regret until today :) words like "If only I had done things differently.." are not in my dictionary. I take everything happens as experience and lesson.
  46. I am a basic girl, don't have any specific taste. That's what I always told to Jayak.
  47. Someone influence me to be secretive, and he slowly taught me to be a good person. That is why I don't share few things on public, social medias etc.
  48. Love to eat food panas-panas. Exclude for ABC, Cendol and icecream. Obviously.
  49. Easily fall for a guy who is nice to everyone, not only for a girl he chase.
  50. Love to have a conversation related to criticism, deep thoughts and opinion.
  51. Love to share things when people ask me something.
  52. I don't have any specific favorite; colors, food, taste, bags, shoes, lipstick. But when I have to choose, the only thing that I love is rainy-cloudy day.
  53. Love to hear slow song, vintage and nostalgic. Not particular in lyrics, though. 
  54. Suck at doing things consistently that take weeks/months.

Read number 21. Haha.


I think it's not enough to know me only by reading all those facts, but it is somehow you can imagine how I should be like. After all, I am just an ordinary person. Nothing much you can expect from me. Those facts are only what came out in my mind, what I observed on my behavior, on what my family and friends told me how I behave.

Do you know why I blogging? That is because I share my inner thoughts and feelings to you, virtually. I don't share it out loud in real life, because I am a realist. The only way on how I can tolerate my inner thoughts is by writing. Write about what I feel, what I want, what I love and hate. Things like that are not common for me to talk about it in real life.

I remember I keep asking apologies to my friend because I wanted to tell her about my feelings that is.. you know.. that has Islamic elements.. but I feel a lil bit awkward to talk about it. So, nak taknak kena juga cerita depan2. Takkan nak suruh dia check WhatsApp and chatting there instead of having conversation face-to-face? LOL. It just that I am not capable to say what's my inner thought and feelings out loud. I don't like to be stuck in an awkward moment. I feel like "that's not me..". Maybe I am not an easy person to make a confession.

 Did you get what I am trying to say? Haha. Shy ah to explain it in detail, so hopefully you at least get the idea..?

And yes, that is why I love to write. You know, it's lame if a person has blog and diary but that are the only places where I speak to myself. I speak about my feelings that only Allah and myself can feel :)

With writing, I can smile, laugh, cry, mad. I can make more than one confession to it. I can be fully and truly myself with it.

Alright. I think that's all from me. Battery laptop pun nak habis ni. All these facts are some random facts that I got from just looking at myself, playing with my cat, had a conversation with Mak and that's it.

Maybe we can talk about #GTKAM on the next post. Hopefully. Haha!
Apa-apapun, Selamat Menyambut Ramadan!

Peace out.

Short Birthday Celebration
Friday, May 20, 2016


Hi, assalamualaikum. How are you guys doing? Hope you all doing great, just like me. Ok nope, i’m sick...... sick of my attitudes. Sekarang musim exam, AND WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING RIGHT NOW? Lol.
A lot of stories I want to share here back then, but I think I am a secretive person a bit because I kinda don’t want to share the details in my blog too soon :p

Ok, let’s get to the point on why I update this post. Shall we? ;)

Last year during my birthday *not really aa cuz we celebrated a bit late*, I went to Aeon Klebang with Walin a.k.a best buddy since ’08. We went there because it’s new and baru buka in September, I guess.

This mall isn’t nothing to be expected, it just few shops are opened and working. No cinema *yet*, bowling *I think*, and some more. I actually hoping that Sephora is in there, but naahh~ eh tapi rasanya ada orang kata ada. Is it?

Nothing much. We went to this balloons event where they created objects/outfits/designs using ballons. Fun for camera shot, that’s all. Then, this mall has apa eh port2 nak tangkap gambar ala-ala 3D. Haha. Sorry, I don’t know how to describe it. Not into that, but Walin ngajak. Ok lah :p


Nak kayuh pergi mana tu, kak?


Then after berjalan bought few things, we went to WindMill. It’s my first time as Walin said their dishes are good and yummeh. Unfortunately, the dishes that they prepared are mostly different from the other franchise outside Perak. If it were given marks, I’ll give 6/10. Got more than 5 pun because the place are beautiful and nice. The foods are bit ‘poor’, but in term of taste, it’s good. Not recommended, unless you wanna try it. Ala Nando’s. But for sure I’m gonna give another try to other WindMill in KL or any other places, soon. Thanks Walin for your treat. Alhamdulillah we ordered food yang sedap, so yeah I’m a happy girl :)

 Happy girl just bought her new phone casing.

 Eh, nampak sedap lah pulak.

Lol. If only I know which angle to make this food looks tasty. Tapi memang sedap pun. Hehe

I don't want to put my face here but... share je lah. Haha.

Then, we went to Kaison because I had to buy few things to bring back to IIUM. It was also my first time step on this cute mall. It is like an upgraded of Daiso because the price are a bit pricey BUT AFFORDABLE I TELL YOU. So many things to buy yet donno what to buy :P

If you are newly wed OR ORANG BIASA JE MACAM AKU NI HAH, yang intent to create tumblrish room, please go shop here. So affordable, many cute things yang korang boleh shop. They have wallpapers, things macam quote tampal kat dinding tu, bears, and anything tumblrish lah. Haha! Just go there, lah.

Then........ Daiso. I tell you, it is not like Daiso yang sempit and kinda boring like in Mid Valley, OU etc. Ni punya cantik gila. So pinkish and neat!!! As everyone knows, all the price at there are almost the same, RM5.30, which is I think quite affordable for certain things. Daiso is almost the same with Kaison, but Daiso is more general. Kaison macam if you want to decorate room, buy gifts, bags, wallpapers etc then ok lah. Daiso ni macam2 ada.

AND WE ALSO HAVE MR D.I.Y HERE. So affordable and so many things to buy, especially a student who live in university. I bought langsir here, tong sampah, pengesat kaki, raga kain, hanger and many moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee because the price here are way more cheaper than any other mall (Mydin also cannot beat leh). So yea, I bought few things also to decorate my room. Hehe.

Then, we went to surau as usual. But what surprised me is that the surau also cantik and neat I wanna cry............. sama cantik macam surau Mydin Manjoi (back in 2012 lol), but way better. So cantik lah. Rasa secure je. Wuwuwu nak nangis lah dah takmau cite.

And lagi mana eh.. Haaa. After all, a day spent well with Walin since we haven’t met for almost two years. Budak tahi ni masih macam tu lagi. Lulz. And thank you *again* for a sweet day spent with me, and for gift you gave to me. Hope to see you again, in shaa Allah.
sugar all the way up! :P

P/s: baru nak post because I hate to study without doing nothing first. Lulz.

[please excuse my photography skills. I know I'm bad at it. Going to improve it]

btw ni semua 2015 punya cerita. Lulz.

Hidup dalam Kegagalan
Saturday, March 12, 2016


Hi. Dah masuk bulan 3/2016 kan. Pejam celik pejam celik, nak puasa dah tahun. Ceh~ padahal lambat lagi. Lepas final baru start puasa. Fikir pasal final, haihh.. dah 2nd year student dah aku ni. Kawan-kawan sekolah semua pakat nak masuk 3rd year, aku ni baru masuk 2nd year. Biasalah, special case =P

So far, alhamdulillah hidup aku okay kat sini. Tiada idea nak share since saja nak update blog. Next post pun maybe tahun depan aku update. Haha!

Rindu sebenarnya nak jadi diri aku yang dulu where I got so many ideas to update new post, editing etc since dulu aku selalu free and rasa excited nak update blog. Sekarang? Jarang nak ada masa free untuk betul-betul kerah otak nak buat satu post. Actually banyak juga benda yang aku nak share, tapi entah rasa macam ITS TOO RANDOM. 

Next week ada 3 paper untuk mid term; straight each paper to Mon-Wed, kena submit assignment on Friday, ada interview on Sat. Belum masuk nak shoot vid and edit lagi. Banyak kerja la, nak. Tapi better lah kerja banyak sebelum mid sem break, sebab banyak lagi kerja nak kena buat lepas mid sem break. Balance lah, kan? Hihi.

Lepas mid sem break, I have 3 other paper which hopefully tak ada yang sama hari. Wuwaaa itu yang takut sangat tu. Dah penat dah ada 2 paper pada hari yang sama. Saya tak kuat....

Assignments, presentations, videos, assignments, quizzes... Benda-benda macam ni lah paling menakutkan bagi aku. Tapi, bila aku dah lepas semuanya, lega dia tu Allah sahaja yang tahu.

Sistem kat UIA ni jarang betul nak buat individual assessment. Last sem, I almost failed one subject sebab aku sorang je dalam kelas tu and kawan-kawan semua tak dapat add subject tu. Subject tu Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul Fiqh). Perh... Arabic terms dia usah dibilang betapa banyaknya aku kena hafal. Lecture time tu memang haprak aku nak fokus sebab tak faham. Ye lah, masa ambil Introduction to Fiqh tu dulu pun sama, study time exam je. Nasib lah dapat gred lawa sebab Madam Mek Wok tu memang baik sangat. Usul Fiqh tu... segan lah nak cakap markah mid term berapa. I think... I failed my mid term?? Hmm.. Lagilah takut bila forgot due date submit assignment lepas mid sem break. Dalam class semua pakat submit assignment. Aku? Menyumpah dalam otak. Lepas class tu cakaplah akan submit kat Ustaz malam ni. Nasib baik ustaz baik since his A student also didn't submit yet ;P

Memang last sem tu, redha je lah kena repeat Usul Fiqh. Sebab memang aku lah budak paling noob dalam kelas tak faham apa. Classmates also tak lebih 20. Confirm lah aku the lowest kan. Presentation pun entah apa aku merapu. Eeeee.. Bila fikir balik, scary sangat lah dengan kebodohan aku last sem. Haha.

Masa nak dekat final tu lah, Ustaz bagi lah material/topic apa yang patut aku highlight dalam otak as bekal time final nanti. Guess what I did? I just read those topics/terms yang Ustaz suruh baca. The rest tu sorry lah. Aku tak faham apa yang aku baca, apa tah lagi yang aku freely baik sangat nak tambah ilmu. 

So, bila satu hari time nak study week tu aku dah tahan. Like I was so scared to death "MATILAH AKU SATU HAPRAK TAK FAHAM SIAKKKKK!!!". Aku tak boleh nak harapkan notes/slides Ustaz bagi. Itu aku tak faham, dalam buku pun aku tak faham. Apa yang aku buat?

Aku Google setiap topic tu. Each one of them. I learn everything through blogs, post, question post, random websites. In easy explanation, I shall say. Memang aku spent a day nak faham segala-galanya. Biasalah student gila macam aku, gitulah gayanya. Study gila-gila, buat note kasi faham. Then habis.

Benda yang buat aku cuak lagi bila aku sebenarnya ada 2 paper pada hari yang sama iaitu Intro to Sociology waktu pagi dan Usul fiqh waktu petang. Nak nangis lah bila bayang balik masa tu.

Skip to the moment when I was in CAC hall, dapat je paper Usul Fiqh tu terus aim jangan buang masa. Buat mana yang tahu, skip mana yang tahu then figure out later. Takut ilmu2 short term memory aku ni buat  hal. Time exam lah nak ter-twist ayat Quran lah, contoh dalil lah, hadis lah. Semua nak twist. Haha!

Peh... lepas buka paper Usul Fiqh tu.. Mulut aku ni kumat-kamit cakap Alhamdulillah je weh. Semua term arab yang Ustaz bagi tu semua masuk. I mean ALL OF THEM. Satu soalan je aku tak tahu weh. Satu! Ya Allah.. bila fikir balik, beraninya aku study spot je. Buat kalau yang aku baca tu satu pun tak masuk, tak ke naya?

Jari jemari aku ni non-stop menulis for one and half hours. Masa exam tu 2 jam. Aku dah puas tulis non-stop for my answers, aku angkat tangan terus dan keluar. No turning back, gurl! Aku dah rembeskan segala jawapan, ayat Quran dan hadis yang aku tahu dalam tu. Masa tu aku redha je lah. Biarlah fail, so that next sem aku boleh ambil dengan kawan aku. Apa punya target pun tak tahu.

lol ni lah paper nya. Scary bila tengok balik!

And result aku? Aku tak minta banyak pun. Lulus pun dah okay sebab I failed my mid term, worst presentation and assignment, keluar awal masa final. Takkan aku expect lebih, kan? I got B in Usul Fiqh which aku syukur gila nak mampus sebab Ustaz bagi markah kesian lah kat aku. Budak ni merepek je time final. Haha. Alhamdulillah sangat sebab Allah SWT bagi aku peluang nak rasa syukur atas keputusan aku tu. Itulah hadiah keputusan aku paling bermakna sem lepas weh. Syukur sangat :)

I may be the laziest student you've ever met, so jaga-jagalah ya.

Motifnya aku cerita kisah ni. Haha biarlah. Aku nak share juga flaw aku as IIUM student. Malas aku ni salah aku, bukan salah pelajar IIUM. 

Sama juga concept bila kau nampak kawan kau tu free hair or pakai seluar pendek kat luar sana even though diorang students UIA. 

"Harap je budak UIA. Pakai seksi gila!"
"Eh dia budak UIA ke? Tak macam pun."

Aku pun set-set macam tu juga. Walaupun aku ni pelajar Universiti Islam, aku juga manusia biasa yang melakukan kesilapan. Itu salah aku, bukan salah universiti aku.


K, dah lah. Sampai sini je coretan aku. Takde benda sangat aku nak cakap. Anyeong~

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

[short note]

Assalamualaikum. How are ya, people? It's 31st December 2015, the last day of this year, i shall say.

Banyak perkara yang aku janjikan.
Banyak perkara yang aku azam.
Banyak cita-cita yang aku impikan.
Banyak benda yang aku mahukan.

Tapi aku sedar..

Perjalananku masih jauh.
Perkara yang aku janjikan, harus aku tunaikan.
Perkara yang aku berazam seperti tahun-tahun sudah, harus aku kotakan.
Cita-cita yang aku impikan, akan aku usaha untuk gapai.
Benda yang aku mahukan, semestinya aku cuba dapatkan.

Namun, tak semua benda yang di dunia ini aku minta dari Allah SWT akan aku peroleh.

I will and would always bear in my mind: masa belum tiba.

Allah beri apa yang kita perlu, bukan kita mahu.

Salam 2016.

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