No Merdeka, Just Normal Day as Usual.

Heyyaaa, umm-no-one-is-gonna-read-yo-post!

How you doing? Hak hak. I have no purpose to create new post today but since my template/design dah cracked, I have to update new one; which is the one Blogger has provided. You're my lifesaver, Blogger!

As people are no longer use Blogger these days, I'm here because of the memories I wrote few years back. I know it's stupid (facepalm gila) to keep all old posts published here in public, padahal boleh je revert to draft, kan. Tapi sayang lah. I love to read my old posts (and cringe EVERY-SINGLE-TIME), and realize how I have changed from stupid-naive girl, to.... a girl tapi regret dengan dia punya old posts. Haha!


Macam biasa, takde pape berubah. Kais pagi, makan pagi. Kais petang, eh hujan plak masuk bilik termenung.

Rasa nak menaip banyak, tapi rasa tak selesa pulak. Maybe next year lah post baru. And Kakmy nak kahwin dah lagi sebulan. Gatal dah kakak aku sorang. Hahaha. Kakla dah bertunang. Haih.. All of my sisters semua…

New Year in April?

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys, what's up?
I thought I'm gonna greet y'all with New Year greetings, vibes and all but.... we are already reaching April this year. Haha!
What's my New Year Resolution? Back in 1st January, I have several resolutions. Just to make a small change to myself. But, I think again, why do I have the same resolution just as what I've wished in last few years? Meh..
So, I change my 'New Year resolution'. No more resolution. I will just be myself.  If I wanted to change, I can change whenever I want. If I want a room for improvement, anytime is acceptable.
Why? Simple, because I am a procrastinator. LOL.
Set yourself free. Don't make yourself feel 'caged' with your same-useless resolution if you just make it another recycle wishes for next year. If you want to change, start today. If you're not ready, just relax and let the time do its work. Okay?
No, I'm not trying to stop you to feel motivated with your 'New Year re…

All with care.

You can't force people to be like you.

The flowers doesn't bloom itself.
The water doesn't drop itself.
The kid doesn't learn walking himself.
The cat doesn't "meow" all the time.
The books doesn't scratch itself.
The fan doesn't turn on itself.
The rainbow doesn't appear without rain.

It's not a house, without a roof.
It's not a doctor, without his patient.
It's not a love, without passion.

Thing compete each other.
It doesn't need regulation to do,
It needs care.

All with care.

Not by forcing.
Not by comparing.
Not by downgrading.
Not by hating.
Not by judging.

Water the flowers, to make it bloom.
Let the water drops, rain the earth.
Baby is still learning with care of lovebirds.
Petting a cat make two happy.
Book is a book, don't scratch 'em.
It's cold inside, should we lay under a blanket?
There's a life, after a failure.

Don't compare, but treat with care.
Understand people, is the least thing all people can do.
Saying "…

MV "Pejam" by The Prism

"Walaupun hati kita kadang-kadang rasa kosong, tapi ada je yang appreciate dan sayangkan kita..
... cuma kita je yang kena berusaha untuk mengisi kekosongan tu.."

2 cerita,

1 jiwa.

Watch MV "Pejam" by The PRISM. Please share and like this video, okay? ;)

Assalamualaikum to all my readers, followers, and anon. Hope you're doing well.

As per usual, I'll begin my post with apologies and so on. Lol. But honestly, I'm really busy because I have loads of assignments and projects this semester and I can't think of free time to talk to all of you.

And the above video, is one of my project that I've worked with my friends (thank you, girls and boys) and now I want to share this video to you.

Please, please, please, please watch this video yang tak seberapa because I need your help to get marks for my assignment. Ahaa....

If you click on the given video/link, nanti banyak suggestion from my classmates' videos too because we have the same assignment. Therefore…

Get To Know About Me #1

Hi, assalamualaikum to my readers who are basically..... only me who read my own post *tears*. It's okay, I am cool with it. Luls

Today is 25th Ramadan 1437 (after maghrib) and alhamdulillah, my sahurs are doing great *not overslept yet, though* and my puasa are all good alhamdulillah. How's yours? 

As usual, bila masuk bulan Ramadan yg suci ini memang rasa sekejap je eventhough sebulan kan. Sebulan tu rasa sekejap. Kalau dulu masa kecil, alahai baru 2 hari puasa dah excited nak raya. Lepastu ponteng. Haha!
Semakin meningkat usia, saya boleh katakan most of us value Ramadan more than just celebrate Raya. Bila Ramadan nak habis, rasa berat sedikit. Raya pun raya, tapi rasa sayang sebab Ramadan dah habis and kita semua rasa tak sabar nak puasa di bulan Ramadan pada tahun hadapan. Kan? ;)
Makanya, sama-sama kita menunaikan ibadah wajib dan sunat agar Ramadan kita sentiasa bermakna bagi setiap tahun. In shaa Allah.

What's with the title up there, mate? Well yea, it's get to know…

Short Birthday Celebration

Hi, assalamualaikum. How are you guys doing? Hope you all doing great, just like me. Ok nope, i’m sick...... sick of my attitudes. Sekarang musim exam, AND WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING RIGHT NOW? Lol. A lot of stories I want to share here back then, but I think I am a secretive person a bit because I kinda don’t want to share the details in my blog too soon :p
Ok, let’s get to the point on why I update this post. Shall we? ;)
Last year during my birthday *not really aa cuz we celebrated a bit late*, I went to Aeon Klebang with Walin a.k.a best buddy since ’08. We went there because it’s new and baru buka in September, I guess.

This mall isn’t nothing to be expected, it just few shops are opened and working. No cinema *yet*, bowling *I think*, and some more. I actually hoping that Sephora is in there, but naahh~ eh tapi rasanya ada orang kata ada. Is it?
Nothing much. We went to this balloons event where they created objects/outfits/designs using ballons. Fun for camera…

Hidup dalam Kegagalan

Hi. Dah masuk bulan 3/2016 kan. Pejam celik pejam celik, nak puasa dah tahun. Ceh~ padahal lambat lagi. Lepas final baru start puasa. Fikir pasal final, haihh.. dah 2nd year student dah aku ni. Kawan-kawan sekolah semua pakat nak masuk 3rd year, aku ni baru masuk 2nd year. Biasalah, special case =P
So far, alhamdulillah hidup aku okay kat sini. Tiada idea nak share since saja nak update blog. Next post pun maybe tahun depan aku update. Haha!
Rindu sebenarnya nak jadi diri aku yang dulu where I got so many ideas to update new post, editing etc since dulu aku selalu free and rasa excited nak update blog. Sekarang? Jarang nak ada masa free untuk betul-betul kerah otak nak buat satu post. Actually banyak juga benda yang aku nak share, tapi entah rasa macam ITS TOO RANDOM. 
Next week ada 3 paper untuk mid term; straight each paper to Mon-Wed, kena submit assignment on Friday, ada interview on Sat. Belum masuk nak shoot vid and edit lagi. Banyak kerja la, nak. Tapi better lah ke…