All with care.

You can't force people to be like you.

The flowers doesn't bloom itself.
The water doesn't drop itself.
The kid doesn't learn walking himself.
The cat doesn't "meow" all the time.
The books doesn't scratch itself.
The fan doesn't turn on itself.
The rainbow doesn't appear without rain.

It's not a house, without a roof.
It's not a doctor, without his patient.
It's not a love, without passion.

Thing compete each other.
It doesn't need regulation to do,
It needs care.

All with care.

Not by forcing.
Not by comparing.
Not by downgrading.
Not by hating.
Not by judging.

Water the flowers, to make it bloom.
Let the water drops, rain the earth.
Baby is still learning with care of lovebirds.
Petting a cat make two happy.
Book is a book, don't scratch 'em.
It's cold inside, should we lay under a blanket?
There's a life, after a failure.

Don't compare, but treat with care.
Understand people, is the least thing all people can do.
Saying "she cannot be like that all the time" will hurt more,

All with care, she will try.
All with care, she's happy.
All with care, she cares about all.


Words are the most painful thing to be heard.
It may kill people's heart and soul. Mind your words, wisely.
You can't force people to change, you can't make people to be like you.
Two ways to be a good person;
1. Understand
2. Treat with care.
(Don't force)

It's hard for me to get out of my caged-life. Don't force me to be a free bird like you, if I can't get your help to let me free.

It hurts. So bad.
And I can't think of any when I'm hurt.
Nobody will understand.

But I believe, someone will understand.
Because words can change people.
I believe in that.

[this is literally me]


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