New Year in April?

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys, what's up?
I thought I'm gonna greet y'all with New Year greetings, vibes and all but.... we are already reaching April this year. Haha!

What's my New Year Resolution?
Back in 1st January, I have several resolutions. Just to make a small change to myself. But, I think again, why do I have the same resolution just as what I've wished in last few years? Meh..

So, I change my 'New Year resolution'.
No more resolution. I will just be myself. 
If I wanted to change, I can change whenever I want.
If I want a room for improvement, anytime is acceptable.

Simple, because I am a procrastinator. LOL.

Set yourself free. Don't make yourself feel 'caged' with your same-useless resolution if you just make it another recycle wishes for next year. If you want to change, start today. If you're not ready, just relax and let the time do its work. Okay?

No, I'm not trying to stop you to feel motivated with your 'New Year resolution', but let's be real. You won't feel enthusiastic or energetic enough to make a change in a day just because you've wished it last night ------- NOPE, IT'S NOT GONNA BE THAT WAY.

You're gonna pay for it, and it doesn't take a day to see the results. 
Be real, as we're living in reality world (not anime huhuhuhuhu).
You can do whatever you want, whenever you want; YOU CHOOSE.

I'm not here to motivate people, but just a plain thought to share with you reader(s). It does not need anything to spice it up, or tune it down. It is just a plain thought, of a hopeless girl.

So, you. Yes, YOU --- Be real. You can keep dreaming, but dreams will stay as dreams, if you keep on dreaming ;)


I'm reaching 22 this year. How fast time flies, yet I'm still procrastinating about how hard student life is; quizzes, assignments, presentations, finals..... Oh my God!

Nevertheless, I still can't believe that I am a student, Uni student. Though I sometimes hate to be in my uni, I can't deny my feelings of how grateful I am to be in this uni. Definitely not because of the university system, but with friends that I've met. They're the reason why I'm happy to be in this uni. It's good to be in class with my friends, either close or new friends.

I'm happy in learning (although I'm not good lol), because I somehow question myself --- "How did I manage to learn this shit?" and yep, it's painfully beautiful journey for me to learn new things everyday.

Killer subjects? Can't run from it since high school.
IDGAD-lecturers? Just to create some bad-girl moments, for my future of course.
From big-to-small-group-of-friends? You'll get used with it. The lesser, the better.
Assessment? Meh... Repeat or not repeat, it'll still be pain in the ass. You can't do nothing. Lol.

And I'm not graduating yet. Chill~ Long way to go...

I'm just tryna be cool with my life (as for now haha), because no matter how good or bad my academic reputation is, I'm just gonna make it and make myself proud. That's it.


How's life, girl?

Well.... Ups and downs. That is all I can conclude my life so far. Nothing interesting. I am still learning, observing, judging (hew hew), and most of the time -- meditating (WTFudge DID YOU JUST SAY?!). 

It is miraculously crazy to say, things I don't believe few years back; are actually real. I mean, I reject all those weird scenarios that I thought it won't happen, because ya'know "be real", so... I never thought that it'll and has happened in this reality world.

Trust me kids, there's a lot of people out there that is not like you and me. They're completely not as what you imagined. You'll meet --- I mean, WE WILL MEET different types of people, and hopefully we will get through with it. Just remember, things we're going to experience are gonna be a lesson for us. So take it, don't throw it and don't feel regret about it. Things happen for reasons; no matter how pain it'd be, or vice versa.

Experience is our teacher. Keep that words in your mind.


God.. I miss writing. I wish I could write to you more after this. But, consistency is really not my thang~ 

I don't have much time just to sit like this, have a good moment (well girl I need to submit one video and a presentation on Thursday lol im ded). When I have free time, I'd usually go to easy fun apps, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, just to kill time. Blogging? It's not like I'm tweeting. This beautiful page, I'm keeping for my free time -- whenever I'm feeling empty, or just talk with you. I want to talk to you as honest as I could, not with guilt :P


I see... Since I am a human, I must share my love story lah? Konon human nature lah tu? Lol.
I'm good. I love everyone. Loving people is also a learning process too, so I am still learning to love them deeply. Haha! 

I've lot of experiences about love. Of course life isn't always as beautiful as rainbows. But I realize, when we're getting older, we tend to appreciate things around us more. Ahhh... I love them all :')

I miss my cats. Abe, Chibu and Betty; I love you guys so much! I am so sorry for being such an annoying sister. Sleep well, okay? :')

So.... Perhaps I'm gonna talk with you tomorrow... next week.. next month... next year.. Who knows~
Take care, okay?

I probably need a tagline for you. Hmmm....

Maybe next time!


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