Short Birthday Celebration


Hi, assalamualaikum. How are you guys doing? Hope you all doing great, just like me. Ok nope, i’m sick...... sick of my attitudes. Sekarang musim exam, AND WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING RIGHT NOW? Lol.
A lot of stories I want to share here back then, but I think I am a secretive person a bit because I kinda don’t want to share the details in my blog too soon :p

Ok, let’s get to the point on why I update this post. Shall we? ;)

Last year during my birthday *not really aa cuz we celebrated a bit late*, I went to Aeon Klebang with Walin a.k.a best buddy since ’08. We went there because it’s new and baru buka in September, I guess.

This mall isn’t nothing to be expected, it just few shops are opened and working. No cinema *yet*, bowling *I think*, and some more. I actually hoping that Sephora is in there, but naahh~ eh tapi rasanya ada orang kata ada. Is it?

Nothing much. We went to this balloons event where they created objects/outfits/designs using ballons. Fun for camera shot, that’s all. Then, this mall has apa eh port2 nak tangkap gambar ala-ala 3D. Haha. Sorry, I don’t know how to describe it. Not into that, but Walin ngajak. Ok lah :p


Nak kayuh pergi mana tu, kak?


Then after berjalan bought few things, we went to WindMill. It’s my first time as Walin said their dishes are good and yummeh. Unfortunately, the dishes that they prepared are mostly different from the other franchise outside Perak. If it were given marks, I’ll give 6/10. Got more than 5 pun because the place are beautiful and nice. The foods are bit ‘poor’, but in term of taste, it’s good. Not recommended, unless you wanna try it. Ala Nando’s. But for sure I’m gonna give another try to other WindMill in KL or any other places, soon. Thanks Walin for your treat. Alhamdulillah we ordered food yang sedap, so yeah I’m a happy girl :)

 Happy girl just bought her new phone casing.

 Eh, nampak sedap lah pulak.

Lol. If only I know which angle to make this food looks tasty. Tapi memang sedap pun. Hehe

I don't want to put my face here but... share je lah. Haha.

Then, we went to Kaison because I had to buy few things to bring back to IIUM. It was also my first time step on this cute mall. It is like an upgraded of Daiso because the price are a bit pricey BUT AFFORDABLE I TELL YOU. So many things to buy yet donno what to buy :P

If you are newly wed OR ORANG BIASA JE MACAM AKU NI HAH, yang intent to create tumblrish room, please go shop here. So affordable, many cute things yang korang boleh shop. They have wallpapers, things macam quote tampal kat dinding tu, bears, and anything tumblrish lah. Haha! Just go there, lah.

Then........ Daiso. I tell you, it is not like Daiso yang sempit and kinda boring like in Mid Valley, OU etc. Ni punya cantik gila. So pinkish and neat!!! As everyone knows, all the price at there are almost the same, RM5.30, which is I think quite affordable for certain things. Daiso is almost the same with Kaison, but Daiso is more general. Kaison macam if you want to decorate room, buy gifts, bags, wallpapers etc then ok lah. Daiso ni macam2 ada.

AND WE ALSO HAVE MR D.I.Y HERE. So affordable and so many things to buy, especially a student who live in university. I bought langsir here, tong sampah, pengesat kaki, raga kain, hanger and many moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee because the price here are way more cheaper than any other mall (Mydin also cannot beat leh). So yea, I bought few things also to decorate my room. Hehe.

Then, we went to surau as usual. But what surprised me is that the surau also cantik and neat I wanna cry............. sama cantik macam surau Mydin Manjoi (back in 2012 lol), but way better. So cantik lah. Rasa secure je. Wuwuwu nak nangis lah dah takmau cite.

And lagi mana eh.. Haaa. After all, a day spent well with Walin since we haven’t met for almost two years. Budak tahi ni masih macam tu lagi. Lulz. And thank you *again* for a sweet day spent with me, and for gift you gave to me. Hope to see you again, in shaa Allah.
sugar all the way up! :P

P/s: baru nak post because I hate to study without doing nothing first. Lulz.

[please excuse my photography skills. I know I'm bad at it. Going to improve it]

btw ni semua 2015 punya cerita. Lulz.


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